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Christian Adoption Services: Called to Build Forever Families

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on October 23, 2014

Lifetime knows that adoption can be a long and emotional process. During this life-changing and often vulnerable season, adoptive families spend quite a bit of time talking to and getting to know the professionals with whom they are working, and often share with their adoption team deeply held convictions, fears, hopes, and dreams as they journey together down the road of finding a successful match. While those involved first meet as strangers entering into a business relationship, Lifetime feels strongly that the sensitive subject matter of creating a forever family is far cry from being a mere business transaction.

Adoption is one of the most important and intensive decisions a family will ever undertake, and one of the most sensitive. As such, families—both birth and adoptive—will find themselves well served by partnering with agencies or facilitators who share their same values: People with whom they are comfortable speaking openly, frankly, and vulnerably. For those who feel it is their God-given calling in life to adopt a child who is out there waiting just for them, finding a Christian adoption service can be essential for ensuring that every step of the process—not just bringing home a child—is a rewarding one.

Christian agencies and facilitators know that adoption is not only about building a family, but is also about building the family of Christ. They understand that certain people are called to adoption, and treat the adoption process and those involved accordingly. It is in this way that Christian adoption services provide more than connections to birth parents and assistance with the adoption process—they engage in the ministry of building families, a task best performed from a Christ-centered perspective, keeping in mind that the match being made is something God has intended all along.

Families fortunate enough to find such guidance through their adoption journey have taken great comfort from knowing they are in the hands of a team following its own call to create a strong family union in which children can grow and thrive in a loving Christian environment. If you are a Christian couple or individual called to adoption, know that you, too, like so many before you, will benefit from partnering with those who share your faith, convictions, and desire to pursue God’s will for your family.

Reach out to an agency or facilitator that you can trust not just to work for you, but to work with you, in tandem, respecting the God-given call upon your life to discover the child or children who are out there waiting just for you.

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