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Adoption Webinar: “I Hope to Adopt Before Christmas”

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on October 28, 2014

Recently, we hosted an adoption webinar to discuss some of the comments we frequently hear from adoptive parents-in-waiting about adoption timing. In the webinar, we covered how to do what you can toward your adoption goal, while balancing a healthy perspective and reasonable expectations on your adoption outcome.

You can now watch a re-play of this webinar at We hope that this webinar encourages you, inspires you, and maybe even makes you laugh, as we discuss this sensitive topic and approach the holiday season!

Here’s what some of our webinar attendees had to say about this webinar, “I Hope to Adopt Before Christmas”:

I really enjoyed the information shared…You guys did a great job of shining a light on the goal, "My baby is coming in God's perfect time." I know as a mother who has dealt for years with infertility and now (God willing) the adoption process the thought is constantly, "Where is my baby?" That can lead to a very frustrated, anxious place that is healthy for no one. I felt you both did a fantastic job that spoke to the heart of people like myself. Frustrating and hard times are inevitable, but they can be brief and character building when we are reminded to trust in the process, and most importantly, God.”

“Thank you, I was starting to feel 'adoption down' but I'm feeling recharged again!”

“Thank you again for hosting. These webinars always give us so much hope…hearing that it just takes 1, no matter our age or how long we've waited, shows us promise that God will build our family through adoption!”

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