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Adopt a Baby Through Lifetime Adoption

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on September 26, 2014

Below are some of Lifetime Adoption’s most recently added adoption situations. By reading about our available adoption opportunities, you can determine if Lifetime Adoption is a good fit for what you’re seeking in domestic adoption and open adoption.

Lifetime Adoption Center is seeking an adoptive family to adopt a baby due in April who will be of Hispanic/Caucasian ethnicity. The birth mother is already parenting three and has chosen adoption for her fourth child. A graduate with a Master's degree, this caring birth mom values good education and wishes her child to have the same.

Lifetime is also seeking an adoptive family to adopt a Caucasian baby girl who is due in December. The birth mother is interested in placing with a Christian family who do not have any children. The family must be financially secure and able to provide a lot of time and support for her baby. Contact desired after placement is uncertain at this time but she would like the family to be open to possible letters, pictures and visits in the future.

Lastly, we’re currently assisting a birth mother seeking an adoptive family to adopt her two-month-old baby girl of Caucasian/Hispanic ethnicity. She’s interested in placing with an adoptive couple who have turned to adoption as the result of infertility; it's important to her that her baby will be the family's first child. She is open to placing with a family of any race. She would like an open adoption with letters, pictures and visits once or twice a year.

You can read about other birth mothers seeking adoptive families on The first step to introduce you to adoption opportunities like this one is to complete your FREE online application at If you'd like action steps towards adopting, complete the online application or call 530-271-1740 for more info.


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