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Don’t Think You Could do Open Adoption?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on August 3, 2015


Are you having hesitations about having an open adoption plan with your child’s birth mother? We’re sharing this recent email from Christian adoptive couple Kevin and Jess so you can get a glimpse into how open adoption works in real life:

“Hello Patty, Veronica, and all of you over at Lifetime!

Our little family is doing great!  Lissie is now a little over 2 years old and it's been busy and fun.  She is talking and exploring and constantly learning new things that she loves to share with those around her.

She has a wonderful sense of family and really cares about and shows excitement for family members all over.  She attends preschool with 2 of her cousins and is often seen "taking care" of them on the playground.  When we travel to see family, she knows who they are and where they live and talks about them for days following any trip.  We have even been blessed with face to face and FaceTime visits with her birth family, extended and immediate.  It's been so great to have that connection for her and for all of us. We've been able to see pictures of her birth mother at the same age as Lissie and it's been so great for her to see who she looks so much like.  She squeals, "That's me, mom!"

I often hear people comment that they "just don't think they could do an open adoption" and it's really nice to be able to share a positive experience with them.  We all have Lissie's best interest in mind and in some ways are "one big happy extended family."  Our philosophy is there just isn't a thing as too much love for a child.  And to be honest, we feel really loved by all of them and I know they feel loved by us as well!  It's been a great way to show God's love to others inside and outside our adoption.

We pray for Lifetime Adoption and all the families we know are waiting for their perfect well as the many families that are choosing adoption for their children.  The waiting and the wondering can be challenging for all parties, but I know it brought our family closer together and the wisdom and patience gained from the experience has overflowed into so many other areas of our life.

I hope you enjoy the pictures from our family vacations to the mountains this summer!  It was so great to be unplugged and dirty for a week!


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