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Discover a Simple Way to Declutter for Your Home Study

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on April 24, 2017

declutter for home study.jpgGetting ready for your home study but feeling a little overwhelmed? Need to tidy up? Today, we’re sharing some simple tips on how you can do that. The key is to take small steps and do a little at a time. Have you tried this method of cleaning and organizing? Those who have used it share it’s amazing at keeping you focused and addictive once you start using it.

With a busy schedule, it’s hard to imagine how you could ever deep clean your house!

The Mount Vernon Method of cleaning and decluttering was used at George Washington's estate.

With this strategy, you clean one room at a time. Begin at the door and then move clockwise around the room, organizing and cleaning one piece of furniture before transitioning on to the next.

The benefit to using this method is that you’re able to pace yourself. Also, it lets you realize clear goals that can be completed one by one.

You can make the Mount Vernon Method work even if your rooms aren’t in a condition to be deep-cleaned quickly. Here’s how:

Don’t look at your house as a whole.  Focus simply on the small portion (one room) that you’re working on today. Doing this can help keep you from freaking out.

And, begin by focusing on just one task in one room. Spend 30 minutes working on that project. You could set a timer to provide motivation and try to finish that one project if you can. For example, use your half hour to organize and clean your entertainment center one day. The following day, work on an end table drawer. If you do it right, your entire living room will eventually be de-cluttered.

After that, take your motivation with you to tackle the next room. Once you’ve completed “Mount Vernon-izing,” each room, maintenance should become a breeze!

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