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Watch Deanna's Encouraging Adoption Story in This Webinar!

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on October 2, 2017

Hear David and Deanna's encouraging adoption story!This adoption webinar is sure to encourage you with faith and dedication during your adoption wait! Lifetime knows that when you're waiting to adopt, you'll experience many highs and lows, and a mixture of emotions.

Last year, adoptive parents David and Deanna were expecting yet another season waiting for a baby. But, Lifetime called them about a birth mother who was about to deliver a baby girl! In this special webinar, adoptive mom Deanna shares her story with parents-in-waiting. 

We've now made the recording of this helpful webinar available online. Keep reading to learn how you can watch it for free, wherever you're at!

There are aspects of David and Deanna's story that'll speak to lots of hopeful adoptive parents! Watch their adoption story if:

  • you’ve ever been unsure of open adoption.
  • you wonder if you’re "too old" or it’s "too late" to adopt.
  • you’re a blended family or already have kids.
  • you worry about standing out to the right birth mother.
  • you’ve wondered how help from Lifetime makes a difference in your adoption’s success.

Adoption story webinars are a great resource for anyone hoping to adopt. You'll be encouraged as you pursue your own calling to adopt, get tips and answers from someone who recently went through the process, AND learn more about what adoptions look like at Lifetime.

You can watch "Lifetime’s Adoption Webinar: David & Deanna’s Story" right now, at

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