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Cyber Monday Sale on Adoption Jewelry!

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 27, 2017

Get $5 off your purchase of an Adoption Prayer Bracelet!

Today is Cyber Monday! This shopping holiday happens every year on the Monday following Thanksgiving. Are you doing some online shopping to take advantage of the serious price savings available out there?

Right now, there’s a Cyber Monday sale on adoption jewelry over at You can get $5 off ANY bracelet style by using the coupon code HIFIVE! 

Adoption Prayer Bracelets are the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who’s been blessed by adoption. Plus, each purchase of this adoption jewelry supports the Lifetime Adoption Foundation. This non-profit adoption organization assists women who are thinking about adoption, by providing needed essentials. The Lifetime Adoption Foundation also provides birth mother scholarships and adoption grants. 

With the code HIFIVE, you get $5 off ANY bracelet style! The Adoption Prayer Bracelet comes in three different styles and many colors, as seen in the photo below. On every bracelet, there's a special engraved charm attached. It says "My Adoption Prayer" on the front and "Pray without ceasing" from 1 Thessalonians 5:17 on the back.

These bracelets were designed by adoptive mom and Lifetime's founder, Mardie Caldwell. An Adoption Prayer Bracelet will be cherished by anyone who's praying for adoption. Just use the code HIFIVE at checkout when you order her favorite style at

3 styles adoption prayer bracelets.jpg

The bracelet comes with a sweet travel bag and a prayer card. Just visit to browse the three available designs. 

This bracelet will be treasured by any woman touched by adoption!


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