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Birthmother Contact

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on June 1, 2015

contactRecently we took to our Facebook page and asked the question, “Birth mothers engaged in open adoption often prefer not to be the one initiating contact all the time. They often want to know that you remember to reach out, as the adoptive parents of their child...and not have to ask for the updates you agreed to. How do you keep up with your end of open adoption?” We had great responses from families who have already completed the adoption process about their birthmother contact.

I keep it on my calendar as reminders to send a letter along with a DVD of photos & videos. When we are on vacation or our daughter is doing something I think they would like to know about, I'll text pictures.” –Renee

Our birth parents specifically told us that they want to be the ones to request updates. So they send us a letter (their choice of communication,) then we send them a letter with pictures. We actually haven't heard from them in two years. I just keep a file running so when they do contact us we can send information quickly.” –Rene’

“I text, or email and also have a Facebook page dedicated to just for her birth parents.” –Becky


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