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Before You Adopt: Travel

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on February 13, 2017

travel before adoption.jpgWaiting for most anything - especially something as important as adding to becoming parents – can feel agonizing. There’s a lot of waiting involved in the infant adoption process. So in today’s edition of Before You Adopt, we’re sharing about a fun activity you can do while you wait to be chosen by a birth mother: travel.

Take a “baby-moon” vacation together. Getting away from it all and relaxing can be an effective way to survive the adoption wait. You could save up for a big trip, or just go on a weekend getaway someplace near your house.  No matter which type of trip you decide upon, planning your vacation can take your mind off your wait. You might feel tempted to hold off on trips because you don’t know when you’ll get “the call” that a birth mother wants to speak with you. But, it’s important that you don’t put your entire life on hold during your adoption journey.  So get some travel insurance and flexible tickets, then go forward with vacation planning. For many adoptive couples, these are the last few months of being “child-free,” so try to enjoy them and nurture your relationship. Enjoy that vacation!

"My wife and I went on a six-day Caribbean cruise.  It was nice to have this trip to look forward to while making our profiles and doing all the paperwork. And, it was nice to have one final vacation together before we became parents,” Mike, a Lifetime adoptive father of two shares.

Make sure to inform your Adoption Coordinator about your travel plans, including how she can reach you. Unless you tell us not to, Lifetime will try to reach you about potential matches while you’re away from home. So making yourself available ensures that you wouldn’t miss a beat if a birth mother wishes to speak with you right away!

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