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Before You Adopt: Get Parenting Practice

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on March 13, 2017

parenting practice.jpgKeeping busy during your adoption wait is the best way to persist.  Fortunately, there’s a lot that you can be doing during your adoption wait, and it’s not busy work.  Right now, you have more time in your life to get things done. Once you bring home your baby, life will be a lot easier if can complete your to-do’s now. 

So in today’s entry of Lifetime’s "Before you Adopt" blog series, we're sharing about another productive activity you can do during your adoption wait - honing your parenting skills.

Offer to babysit for your close friends who have children. If one of your siblings live nearby, you can babysit for your nieces and nephews. You might also consider volunteering to serve in your church's nursery. By doing so, you're getting a little first-time experience and insight into parenting.  You'll probably become very popular by offering to babysit! And chances are, they'll be happy to repay the favor later on when you'd like to go on a date night.

Lifetime encourages you to learn all that you can about being parents before bringing your baby home. Parenting can be challenging at times, but it's an exciting adventure too. You'll be thankful later on for the experience you've gained through babysitting, as babies don’t come with instruction manuals.  

Becoming a parent through the blessing of infant adoption will definitely be a rewarding experience. Even though the job of parenting is demanding, it really expands your capacity for love in ways you never thought of before. This is why many parents (adoptive or biological) can hardly recall a time when their child wasn't in their family.  

As Lifetime adoptive mom Stephanie puts it, "Once we brought our baby boy home, our adoption wait and all the paperwork it took to adopt him has faded into distant memory. Our dreams came true, with one phone call, and so will yours. God’s timing is always perfect!"

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