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The Top 8 Things Successful Adoptive Parents Have in Common

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The Top 8 Things Successful Adoptive Parents Have in Common

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The Top 8 Things Successful Adoptive Parents Have in Common

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Post-Adoption Depression: What You Need to Know

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Celebrating 1,000 Instagram Followers With a Sale on Adoption Bangle Bracelets!

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The Top 8 Things Successful Adoptive Parents Have in Common

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Curious About Birth Mothers? Get a Glimpse Into Their World!

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Adoption Webinar Next Week! Jeff and Christa’s Adoption Story

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Adoption Q&A: Excitement and Panic During the Adoption Process

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New Year's Resolution to Adopt a Baby in 2017?

How to Afford Adoption? Learn About LightStream Adoption Loan

Make a Difference to Birth Mothers in Need

We Wish You a Very Blessed Christmas!

A Greater Inheritance: A Christmas Message for Adoptive Parents

Free Shipping in Time for Christmas! Adoption Jewelry for Her

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Questions on Infant Adoption Answered at Recent Webinar

Our International Adoption and Dreams of Open Adoption

Signs You’re Ready to Turn to Adoption (Part 1)

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Give Thanks for Blessings Along the Way

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National Adoption Day 2016

Celebrating National Adoption Awareness Month

Turning the Bitter Into Blessings

It’s National Adoption Month: Lifetime Families Share their Stories

Your Christmas Gift Shopping Gives Back to Adoption, Too!

Before You Adopt: Prepare Your Family

Unique Adoption Jewelry – Bangle Bracelets

“Haven’t You Figured Out How to DO IT yet?” - My Infertility Story

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Before You Adopt: Checking Off the "Honey-do's"

Adoption Stories Then and Now - David and Chantel

Before You Adopt: Talking About Your Adoption Story

8 Ways to Make Waiting for Clearance Memorable

Adoption Stories Then and Now - Jake and Alicia

Before You Adopt: Get in Shape

Encouraging Your Child’s Heritage in Transracial Adoption

Adoption Stories Then and Now - Shay and Kerri

Before You Adopt: Research Adoption Leave

Prayer in Your Adoption

Adoption Stories Then and Now - Kalani and Becca

Before You Adopt: Babyproofing Your Home

Why Wasn’t That Our Baby?

Adoption Stories Then and Now - Jason and Yava

Adoption Q&A: Talking to a Birth Mother

What If Your Spouse is Uncertain About Adoption?

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Birth Mother Grief – How You Can Help

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Adoption Registry: Shopping Checklist for Parents-in-Waiting

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Lifetime Works Nationwide to Help Find Your Baby

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Education for a Lifetime: Giving Back to Birth Mothers

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What If a Birth Mother Changes Her Mind?

Webinar This Thursday – Your Adoption Questions Answered!

Adoption Scams and How to Avoid Them

How to Create an Adoption Profile That Shines

Adoption Stories Then and Now - Nicholas and Kristin

Needed: African American Families to Adopt

“Why is Adoption So Expensive?" - How to Afford Adoption

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Post-Adoption Blues? 4 Ways to Cope

Webinar Next Week: Bonding & Attachment After Adoption

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Memorial Day Weekend Prayers

Becoming Adoptive Parents in God’s Timing

Adoption Fundraising Through Facebook Sale Groups

"I’ll Recommend Lifetime to Anyone I Know!"

4 Keys to Parenting Success for New Adoptive Parents

Cookie Cutter Adoption?

Having a Hard Time With Adoption Paperwork? Here's 5 Tips!

Recommended Adoption Books for Adoptive Parents

Tips for New Adoptive Parents

Called to Adoption Book Now on Audible

Discover the Keys for Great Adoptive Parenting & Bonding

How To Survive Mother's Day When You're Waiting To Adopt

An Adoption Prayer Bracelet: an Encouraging Mother’s Day Gift That Gives Back, Too

10 Creative Birth Mother Gift Ideas for Birth Mother’s Day

Turning to Adoption

8 Inspirational Quotes from Lifetime’s Successful Adoptive Families

Mother’s Day Gift Idea - Adoption Jewelry

The Top Tips You Need to Know for Your Adoption Home Study

Adoption Webinar: What NOT to do in Adoption

A Smile As Sweet As Spring

Tonight: Learn What NOT To Do If You Want to Adopt

Adoption Q&A: Should We Have a Car Seat Before We Adopt?

Find Out What NOT To Do in Your Adoption

“Thank You for Your Endless Support!”

7 Tips That’ll Help You Ace Your Home Study

Adoption Q&A: Getting Ready for Baby

Bless a Birth Mother With Your Donation

All is Calm...All is Bright

"Your Adoption Webinars Have Built My Confidence Up!"

7 Photos that Illustrate the Beauty of Open Adoption

Why Them and Not Us?

Next Week - Adoption Q&A Webinar for Hopeful Parents

Long Lost Siblings and Adoption Today

Is It Right to Call Her a Birth Mother Before Adoption?

How to Get Ready for a Last-Minute Adoption

Overjoyed to be Parents!

Why Do Adoption Agencies Charge Couples to Adopt?

“So Thankful for Lifetime for Bringing this Little Miracle into our Lives!”

Helping Birth Mothers Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

How to Adopt Without Going Into Debt

Adoption Q&A: Last-Minute Adoptions

Join Us Next Week – Adoption Q&A Webinar

Lifetime Baby Hope's First 6 Years

Hurry Up & Wait! 6 Ideas on What to Do During Your Adoption Wait

5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Adopted Child

Adoption Questions Military Couples Ask – Part 2

3 Reasons Your Family May Not Support Your Adoption

Adoption Questions Military Couples Ask – Part 1

Birthparents Seeking Adoptive Families

The Benefits of Keeping a Journal During Your Adoption Wait

"I'm So Happy Being His Mom!"

Choosing the “Perfect” Name for Your Adopted Child

Gathering Strength in Your Adoption Journey

Adoption Update from Lawrence & Rhonda - Winter ONEderland

Adoption Home Study – Questions and Answers (Part 2)

Do You Have Realistic Adoption Expectations?

Dealing With Infertility Grief Before Adopting

Adoption Home Study – Questions and Answers (Part 1)

We’d Like Your Feedback on our Adoption Blog

What Are Birth Moms Looking For? (Part 2)

Tips for Telling People You’re Adopting

5 Ways to Get Closer to Your New Year’s Resolution of Adopting

“We Recommend Lifetime to Anyone Considering Adoption!”

What to Expect from Your Adoption Professional

Merry Christmas from Lifetime Adoption!

Adoption Webinar: Embracing Adoption After Infertility

Help! I'm Obsessing Over Our Adoption

Experiencing the Holidays when Adopting

"We’re Grateful for All that Lifetime Has Done!"

What Are Birth Moms Looking For?

Seasons Greetings from Lifetime!

Adoption Jewelry as a Christmas Gift

Separating Facts from Fears About Babies with Prenatal Drug Exposure

Adoption Webinar Next Week: Traveling for Adoption

Lifetime Helped Us Create Our Forever Family!

Available Adoption Situations

Giving Thanks

Nervous About Birth Parents?

Discover the 7 Keys to Adoption Success

What is a Birth Mom Like?

What Are the Benefits of Open Adoption?

Lifetime Webinar: Embracing Adoption After Infertility

So Glad We Made the Choice of Adoption

National Adoption Awareness Month - 7 Celebration Ideas

Celebrate National Adoption Awareness Month – Read Adoption Books

National Adoption Awareness Month - Hear Open Adoption Stories

Being Asked Prying Adoption Questions?

Open Adoption – Does It Intimidate You?

How Long Does it Take to Adopt?

Adoption Interview with the Authors of ‘Courage in Our Hearts’

Adoption Webinar Today– Join Us!

Adoption Situations | Birth Parents Seeking Families

Infertility to Adoption: Knowing When to Move Forward

Reviews of Lifetime Adoption Center

Making Your Adoption Profiles | What Makes You Unique?

Lifetime Made Our Family Possible

Open Adoption Visits: Top 10 Places to Meet Up

Transracial Adoption Webinar | Interracial Adoption Stories

Explaining Adoption to Your Children

A Baby Shower if We’re Adopting?

What it Means to be Ready to Adopt

Transracial Adoption: Upcoming Webinar

How Can We Afford to Adopt?

Birth Mothers Seeking Families | Adoption Situations

What to Do During Your Adoption Wait

Adoption Update...Our Son is One!

How to Handle Difficult Situations with Openness

Adoption Webinar: Your Questions, Answered

Honored to Be There for Women Considering Adoption

Happy Labor Day!

How to Trust God When Times Are Tough

What Will Open Adoption Be Like?

Adoption is a Miracle! - The Best Adoption Gifts

Doubly Blessed Through Lifetime

7 Ways to Put Your Adoption Dreams Into Action

How to Stay Encouraged Throughout Your Adoption

Adoption Webinar: Embracing Open Adoption

Forever My Son!

Can We Adopt If We're Not Married?

Our Family is Complete!

Are Your Children Excited About Your Adoption?

Webinar Series: Open Adoption

When Should We Get the Nursery Ready?

Lifetime Works Behind the Scenes for Us

Don’t Think You Could do Open Adoption?

When a Birth Mother Desires Closed Adoption

What Adoptive Parents Ask – Part 2

What Adoptive Parents Ask – Part 1

First-Time Parents? How to Prepare for a Baby

Resolving Fertility Issues

God's Hand in Adoption

Adoption Webinar: What to Expect When Baby Arrives

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Adoption Prayer Bracelet – New Colors!

Praise for our Recent Webinar

Getting Started on the Road to Adoption

Webinar for Hopeful Adoptive Parents: Your Adoption Questions Answered

Daily Devotional-Thankfulness

Adoption Tip

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Bookended in Love: A Picture of Open Adoption

Your Child's Social Security Number

Adoption Benefits for Military Personnel

Family Update

Trans-Racial Adoptions

Daily Devotional

Heart for Adoption

Birthmother Contact

A Child’s Love

Adoptive Family Update: 8 Months Already!

Adoption Wisdom

A Birthmother Update

Adoption is a Miracle!

Words of Wisdom: Adoption Journey

Adoptive Family Update

Adoption Question: Why Them and Not Us?

A Visit from One of Our Lifetime Babies

Adoption Preparation Tips from Adoptive Parents

Keeping Hope During Your Adoption Journey

Adoption Story: How a Birthmother Chose Her Adoptive Family

The Benefits of Domestic Adoption

Three Common Myths About Babies for Adoption

How do I support a family who is waiting to adopt?

Adoption Tips for Showing Pictures of Your Baby's Birthmother

What Adoption Options Can Lifetime Offer Me?

Raising Money for Adoption: Where to Start?

Benefits of Private Adoption

Help! I’m Scared of the Adoption Process

Lifetime’s Open Adoption Webinar Series

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Adoption Webinar: Q&A for Hopeful Parents

Trust Your Adoption Circumstances

Adoption Challenges? Seek God First

"Why do you need more adoptive families?"

Adoption Travel Tip

Lifetime Adoption Foundation Donation Request

Adoption Webinar: A Birth Mother’s View of Open Adoption

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Infant Adoption in Florida: Let Lifetime Help

Lifetime’s Available Adoption Situations

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Blessed by Open Adoption

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Thinking About Adopting an Older Child?

Adoption Q&A: Does Lifetime Have a Guarantee?

African American Adoptive Families Needed

A Giving Tradition to Bless Birth Mothers

Special Needs Adoptions

Committing Your Adoption to the Lord

MRKH Syndrome and Adoption

All I Want For Christmas...

Adoption Tax Credit Questions?

How to Handle the Adoption Wait During Christmastime

Waiting to Adopt During the Christmas Season

Life After Infant Adoption: Settling In

Join Us for an Adoption Q&A Webinar This Thursday!

My Husband and I Want to Adopt a Baby--Now What?

Baby Adoption or Older Child? Deciding What’s Best for You

Lifetime Webinar: Founder Mardie Caldwell Answers Adoption Questions

I Was Adopted

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