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Adoption Webinar: Moving Through Infant Loss to the Blessing of Adoption

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on August 14, 2017

vyce adoption story.jpgYou might recall that a few weeks back, we shared about an upcoming adoption webinar in which you could Hear Lifetime Adoptive Couple Mike & Vyce's Story. The recording of this touching webinar is now available online!

In this adoption webinar, we heard from Lifetime adoptive mom, Vyce. She and her husband Mike shared about their journey to parenthood, which happened after a heartbreaking infant loss. 

No matter what stage you're at in your adoption journey, every adoption story you hear can provide encouragement. Discover how you can watch Vyce's webinar by reading on!

Mike and Vyce's story is a testimony of faith and perseverance as they moved through infant loss all the way to the blessing of adoption. In this bittersweet story of grief mixed with gratitude, anyone hoping to adopt will be inspired to trust the call on their heart to adopt, and to look forward to the ways even the hardest days can be used or redeemed throughout your path to parenthood.

You can watch this special webinar, "Lifetime Adoption Story: “Still Miracles,” Mike & Vyce’s Story" over at

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