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Adoption Webinar: Bonding & Attachment After Adoption

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on June 30, 2016

bonding_with_newborn-1.jpgLifetime Adoption recently hosted an adoption webinar about how you can promote healthy bonding and attachment with the child you adopt.  If weren't able to make it to Lifetime's webinar, you can now tune in online! Just follow this link:

Mardie Caldwell Presents:  Bonding & Attachment After Adoption

This webinar is a great tool for you to learn about parenting and life-after-adoption as you prepare for the adoption process. Mardie Caldwell, adoptive mom and founder of Lifetime Adoption shares tips on bonding and attachment from both her personal and professional experience with adoption. Mardie’s pointers will help you to enjoy the early moments of parenting, welcoming your child home and beginning to bond as a new family.

Lifetime's webinar discusses many topics around bonding with your baby:

  • How to promote a good relationship with your child’s birth mother
  • Tips for helping your baby get to know you as mom and dad
  • How to approach your employers regarding time off after your adoption
  • Adoptive breastfeeding
  • ...and more!

Mardie took the time to answer practical and sensitive questions live from our audience of adoptive parents. You can listen to this enlightening webinar over on In order to tune in, you'll first need to subscribe. Subscribing to will keep you in the loop about future webinars, as well as allow you access to all past webinar recordings. It’s easy to subscribe, and completely free of charge! To notify you of new and recent webinars, we will email you every now and then.

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