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Adoption Tips for Showing Pictures of Your Baby's Birthmother

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on February 23, 2015

babylookingRecently we had a question from a family, “Do you keep pictures of your baby’s birthmother to show them? Or do you just talk about them from time to time?” We posted on our Lifetime Facebook page for other adoptive parents to share what they do. Here are some great adoption tips for this question:

“We have pictures of our little girl with her birth parents in her baby book and photo album. She is 3 and will say she was in her tummy and felt her heart. She is talked to about adoption all the time.”


“My kid’s birthparent/s occupy the first couple pages in their baby album. They will always know how their story began. We are also fortunate enough to have a picture of my daughter’s birthmom at the same age (18 months) tucked in right along hers, crazy how similar they look.


“I had adoption books that I was reading to my 3 year old but she kept asking which one was her… So I made a book in Snapfish with photos that is her real story. It will arrive Saturday. I also have pictures on her shelf right next to ours.”


“We have pictures of our son’s birthmother and keep a special box of keepsakes to sow him as he grows (18 months old now). We want him to know and see what his beautiful biological mother looks like and where he gets his good looks ;) We want him to feel completely comfortable asking questions and knowing anything he is curious about regarding his birthmom and her family.”


“Our daughter is only 5 months old but her entire birth family is on my Facebook. We spent 4 weeks together surrounding the birth of a beautiful baby girl and in that time, we became a whole family. We all kind of adopted each other. Our daughter has a 2 year old sister that her birthmom is raising and we want to the girls to know each other. Our situation is unique and not ideal for everyone, but it works for us.”


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