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Posted by Mardie Caldwell on June 23, 2015

tipHere is an adoption tip for adoptive families on their journey to adopt:

Sometimes adoptive parents worry and stress over WHAT a woman thinking about adoption is looking for in adoptive parents. Remember that your life as a whole, your story as a package, is an opportunity for her to give something to her child. It's common that these mothers will say "I just want to know my child is loved, accepted, and the parents are stable, safe, and able to provide for my baby." You'll likely find that the reasons YOU stand out to your child's birth mother surprise you, or are things you take for granted or even feel uncertain about sharing. Or you might find that there's nothing specific that defines why it just clicks, why your match together for this baby's adoption just seems to work for the right reasons. Let her choose you for YOU and everyone involved will have a more favorable experience through the adoption.

If you're thinking about adoption, call to talk with someone about your questions and learn about the possibilities for your own family's future through an adoption of a Lifetime: 1-800-923-6784.
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