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Adoption Stories Then and Now - Frank and Lisa

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on October 11, 2017

then-now-frank-lisa.jpgWe're blessed to be sharing another adoptive couple's heartwarming adoption story in our blog series "Then and Now." Our Lifetime adoptive family today is Frank and Lisa from Pennslyvania.

As they started their adoption journey with Lifetime, they shared, "Our desire to have our lives turned upside down by the pitter patter of little feet has lead us to adoption. 

 We would love the opportunity to help a birth parent(s) show their child unconditional love and offer that child a future full of dreams and provide the means to achieve those dreams."

frank-lisa-profile.pngIn their adoption profile, Frank and Lisa wrote, "We can't wait to share our love for Pittsburgh sports, cookouts, and Sunday family brunches with a child that will expand our family through adoption.  We're excited to experience first words, first steps and would love to share those moments with you through your choice of communication.

We love living in western Pennsylvania (all four seasons!!) and are excited to raise a child that will get to sled ride, build snowmen, and snow angels in the winter. In the summer, our child will be able to go fishing, blow bubbles, swing at the park, and visit the beach. We are stable and have a large, warm and loving Christian family. We would love to share that warmth with a child through adoption!"

Through Lifetime, Frank and Lisa joyfully welcomed a baby girl, Tori, into their home earlier this year!

frank-lisa-baby.jpgThe happy new parents emailed us:

"Tori is simply amazing and so sweet! She loves to kick her legs and is very strong! She has more than doubled her birth weight, which is awesome! She changes and grows more every day and doesn’t even look like the same little three pound, seven-ounce baby she was.
She’s alert and such a sweet, calm (most of the time, LOL) baby. Everyone loves her to death, including the dog, who refuses to stop trying to lick her every chance he gets (ahh!!) We’re so head over heels in love and so proud of how well she’s doing.

We’d love to share our story in a future adoption webinar!"

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