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Adoption Stories Then and Now - Clayton and Sarah

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on March 14, 2018

Adoptive couple Sarah and Clayton pre- and post-adoptionWe're honored to be sharing Clayton and Sarah's beautiful domestic adoption story today as a part of our blog series "Then and Now." Adoptive mom Sarah says, "We were constantly encouraged by reading and listening to other couple's adoption stories as we were in the wait. We hope that our story can do the same for currently waiting couples."

Keep reading to hear Clayton and Sarah's cherished adoption journey to their baby girl, Aubrey! 

Sarah and Clayton's adoption profile"Clayton and I published our Lifetime profile and became a “waiting family” in April of 2017. We were excited and prayerful as we thought about all of the birth mothers who would potentially read/hear about us through our profile and video.

In October, just seven months later, we received a call from Tiffany telling us about a birth mom would like to speak with us. We learned that she was due to give birth to a baby girl in January and that she lived in our same state (Indiana)! We spoke with our daughter's sweet birth mom that evening, and after learning more about each other, we were overjoyed to match with her!

Skipping a few weeks ahead, we got the call one morning while we were both getting ready for work saying that our beautiful Aubrey Madelyn was about to be born—six weeks early! We had planned to have a 2018 baby, but we’re convinced that Aubrey didn’t want to miss out on meeting all of her family at Christmas. :) 

aubrey.jpgWe had read other couples stories about what happens at the hospital but didn’t really know what to expect. We got there and frantically tried to figure out where to go. Thankfully, our amazing birth mom had told the nurses about us and was really looking forward to our arrival.

We got to the room just in time to see Aubrey being wheeled out and instantly burst into tears. Happy tears! She was so perfect with a head full of thick dark hair! We went into the room and spent time with birth mom, asking about how she was feeling and visiting with some of her family members. We really didn’t expect our time in the hospital to be such a gift, but it really was. As we visited with each other, we shared stories and realized so many things that we had in common. We look forward to sharing this part of Aubrey’s adoption journey with her when she’s older!

aubrey2-1.jpgAfter a 16-day stay in the NICU, we finally got to bring our sweet, strong girl home. She’s incredibly loved by our family and church family and is seriously the most content baby ever. She loves being held, doesn’t cry unless she’s hungry, and has recently started intentionally smiling and making the cutest little baby sounds. We couldn’t love her more and are so thankful to the staff at Lifetime for all their work that goes into facilitating healthy adoptions—specifically Natalie and Tiffany who we worked most closely with.

We stay in touch with Aubrey’s birth mama through texting picture updates a few times throughout the month and are happy to have a really positive relationship. We all believe, on both sides of our adoption equation, that God brought us all together for our good and His glory. We are honored to get to be parents to Aubrey and are humbled that her birth mom would choose us and trust us with such a precious gift!"

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