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Adoption Preparation Tips from Adoptive Parents

Posted by Mardie Caldwell on March 31, 2015

preparationWe recently took the question, “What was the best tip or advice that helped you OR that you would pass along to other parents preparing to adopt? Any products for baby or the child that you recommend? Any travel ideas or time-saving tips? Tell us what worked for you!” to our Lifetime Adoption Center Facebook page. These were some of the replies from our families:

“Asking the hospital if they have an extra room or a place for out of town families. Since it was a busy night at our hospital, they had a place for out of town families for $20/night and volunteers prepared dinner.”

“We made arrangements to have the required things shipped and waiting for us. Like the car seat, stroller, play n pack. Once we were returning home, we shipped the items that were not critical for travel.”

“I wish I had brought more burp rags! I had plenty of clothes, even blankets for the baby, but ended up using blankets as burp rags!”

“We contacted churches in the area where our baby was going to be born, to ask for their advice on where to stay. We ended up finding a church that had a mission house where we were able to stay for free. Also, Southwest Airlines doesn't charge for the 1st 2 checked bags, and if you have to change your flights, you only have to pay the difference in fares, no change fees.”

“Be flexible! Put your job, family and friends on "notice" so if help is needed they can help out. Look into airline, hotel, rental car deals up front.”

“Check to see if there is a Ronald McDonald house close by. We have used those for two out of three of our adoptions.”

If you are considering adoption and interested in Lifetime Adoption, please visit our free application. We are currently accepting applications from adoptive parents of ALL racial backgrounds and family make-up.

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