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Adoption in the Movies: Instant Family Breakthrough

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on April 17, 2019

movie-adoptionRecently a new applicant to our adoption program shared that they found Lifetime after watching the recent blockbuster hit, Instant Family, starring Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne. The comedy flick featured a foster-adoption theme, and though at Lifetime we help mothers and hopeful adoptive families through private adoption, not typically associated with foster care or state interventions with family services, we can totally appreciate that adoption themes in the movies and media stir up adoption related discussion and dreams for viewers.

For this reason, we’re excited for this week’s release of Breakthrough, starring This is Us fan-favorite, Chrissy Metz. Centered around the inspirational story of one mother’s heart of faith and unwavering love for a son who is struggling for his life, in more than one instance, this week’s new heartfelt drama also features a thread of adoption! Actress Metz plays an adoptive mother who fights on her son’s behalf, from the very first time they meet.

Every story of adoption is as unique as the individuals involved. How they came together, whether through foster care, private open adoption, or international adoption, never alters the common theme of hope for the future, out of a deep love for a child. It’s so important to share adoption stories; each story helps us learn from adoption-past, and to speak truthfully about adoption in modern times.

There are many misconceptions, rare or worse-case examples, and outdated commentaries that perpetuate the drama or negative stereotypes about adoption, especially when it comes to how it’s featured in mainstream media. Real-life adoption testimonies help spread positive adoption awareness, and a greater understanding of the needs and experience of all parties touched by adoption.

We’d love to hear what adoption-themed movies have stood out to you! Comment below with your favorite adoption flicks. You can also find more adoption stories at, where we feature testimonies from adoptive parents and birth mothers who have walked through modern open adoptions! 

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