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9 MORE Tips for New Adoptive Parents

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on June 10, 2016

new_adoptive_parents_jason_yava.jpgLast month, we shared some useful tips for new adoptive parents. These are things that you can do now, during your adoption wait. That way, when you bring home your baby through adoption, you can have the self-assurance that you've already prepared. Today, we’re happy to share 9 more tips with our new or potential adoptive parents:

  1. If you haven’t already discussed parenting styles and discipline, do it now. It’s important to be on the same page early on.
  3. Share responsibilities with your spouse. Feeding, diapering, and bathing are skills that all parents should know and perform as needed. If you need help, check out YouTube!
  5. Be prepared with answers for insensitive questions from people:
    • “How much did she cost?” She is priceless -- worth more than silver and gold!
    • “Is she real?” I can touch her, so yes, I believe she is real.
    • “You look great for just having a baby.” Thanks!
  6. If you see things that are concerning you, speak with a medical professional right away.
  8. Especially for an older child adoption, make it a priority to spend time together as a family unit, without others, until your child is well-attached and more comfortable. Here's a great post with tips on parenting older adopted children: Discover the Top 4 Tips for Parenting Older Adopted Children.
  10. If your child has brought toys, clothes, blankies, or ‘treasures’ they can be comforting. Don’t throw them away. They are a part of your child’s story and may cause more trauma if they suddenly go missing.
  12. Always keep learning and reading. Parenting will last your lifetime.
  14. If you have made a commitment to stay in touch with your child’s birth family, honor them and your child by keeping your commitment you agreed upon through letters, emails, visits etc.
  16. Relax and enjoy being a parent! Time passes quickly!

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