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6 Things to Pay Attention to When You’re Waiting to Adopt

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on February 5, 2018

Waiting adoptive couple stregthening their relationshipYou've checked everything off your adoption checklist, and now you're in the adoption wait. Waiting for a birth mother to choose you for an adoption match can be an incredibly trying time. The ups, downs, and unknowns of waiting for adoption can become all-consuming. During this time, some waiting adoptive parents start unknowingly neglecting that which matters most to them.

Today, Lifetime is sharing 6 things that parents waiting for adoption should avoid neglecting:

1. Your Relationship

Frustrations over the adoption wait easily can become a source of tension between a couple. So, don’t let your plans to adopt become the focus of every conversation you have. Communicate honestly, go on dates frequently, and just have fun together!

2. Wellness

Now's the time to begin (or continue) making healthy eating choices. Get enough quality sleep, exercise, and make time to relax and unwind. Exercising will improve your sleep, prevent weight gain, and give you a nice energy boost. And, if you have any health concerns, make sure to get those checked out now.

3. Your Job

Don’t let your adoption wait compromise your performance at work. It's smart to have an honest discussion with your boss about potential adoption travel, adoption leave, and possible changes in your work hours once you adopt.

4. Friends and Family

Your friends and extended family are excited for you to announce the happy news of your adoption. During your adoption wait, keep being a loyal friend. You'll certainly appreciate the tips and guidance that your friends with children can provide you with once you adopt.

5. Plans and Goals

Some waiting families are nervous to take a vacation because they might get “the call” while away from home. During your adoption wait, don't put your life on hold. The best time to continue to pursue your plans and goals is now; before your baby arrives. So have fun on that vacation, take the class, and join the organization.

6. Hobbies

Enjoy your favorite hobbies and activities, and sharpen your skill level in them. Because once you bring your baby home, you'll probably have less energy, money, and time to spend doing your favorite hobbies.

The problem with neglecting your priorities is that once you adopt, the issues created by neglecting what matters most doesn't just go away. Starting parenthood in a state of confusion, loneliness, frustration, or anxiety isn't healthy or productive. Plus, having a new baby home can bring about additional stress. So this time waiting for adoption is the best time to make deliberate decisions to focus on your priorities and give time, energy, and attention to relationships, activities, and things which matter to you!

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