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6 Handy Tips for Your Adoption Wait During the Holidays

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on December 16, 2016

waiting to adopt during holidays.jpgThe wait to adopt might feel extra difficult during the holiday season. Today, we’re sharing tips that will help you survive the holidays during your adoption wait.

Lifetime’s Founder (and adoptive mother) Mardie Caldwell shares, “When we were waiting to be chosen by our son’s birth mother, what really helped me was to keep a positive outlook. I strived to remember the many promises God had kept for me at other times in my life. I knew I had done all I could to get the word out about our desire to adopt. Worrying wasn't going to help me but what did help was believing that soon we would have a child of our own. When I would feel discouraged throughout the holidays, I would give my concerns over to God again, and I would find peace.

It was the next Christmas that we had our beautiful son with us. I look back now and realize that God had the right child for us at the right time. His timing is perfect. Don't ever give up faith, and live each day positively.

It’s challenging to experience the holidays while you’re in the thick of your adoption journey. Know that it’s normal to feel anxious and depressed around this time of the year when you’re waiting to adopt.

Here are Lifetime’s top 6 tips on coping with the holidays during your adoption wait (and one bonus tip!):

  1. Treat Yourselves

Do something special for yourself and your spouse. Some fun ideas include a couple’s massage or weekend away. Also, make sure you’re taking care of yourselves by getting enough sleep, choosing healthy foods, exercising, and drinking plenty of water.

  1. Treat Others

Do something special for your family too. You might make them something personalized such as a family photo album or creative such as a scarf you’ve knitted. Once you’re a parent, you won’t have as much time for elaborate gifts.

  1. Find Support

Locate a support group for waiting adoptive parents through your local infertility or adoptive parent group. If you’re not able to find a group, connecting via a social media site (such as a Facebook group) is a good idea.

  1. Evaluate Your Family

What some waiting couples have found handy is to find out who’s attending a family event, and then decide whether to go. Minimal contact with extended family may help you, since they'll probably be asking you when you'll bring your baby home. For some, this solution is a bit too harsh, as they feel supported by surrounding themselves with people who love them.

  1. Read Success Stories

Make sure to visit our Lifetime Babies page. On it, you can read other adoptive families share about the difficulties they experienced during their adoption wait. The successful adoptive families share that the wait is hard, but the end result, bringing home the baby meant for them, is so worth it!

Also, we have a blog series called “Then and Now” which follows Lifetime adoptive families from the beginning of their adoption journeys through the difficult waiting stage and then once they adopt!

  1. Keep a Journal

There are many benefits to journaling. Achieving goals, bringing about mindfulness, and boosting self-confidence are just a few. Keeping a journal can help you survive the adoption wait and in the future can reassure your child that she or he is wanted.

BONUS TIP: Lifetime Adoption held a free adoption webinar with Lifetime’s Founder and CEO, Mardie Caldwell. Having gone through the adoption wait herself before being chosen by her son’s birth mother, Mardie shares tips for the wait that every adoptive family will find applicable. You can watch it over at

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