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5 Things to Do for Your Adoption this Labor Day Weekend

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on September 1, 2017

labor day barbeque.jpgMany of us look forward to Labor Day, a hassle-free day away from work. This national holiday, held on the first Monday each September, marks the end of summer. Since you’ll have a three-day weekend, why not spend part of your Labor Day working towards your adoption? It will bring you one step closer to realizing your dreams of adopting!

Keep reading to get ideas on how you can use Labor Day to put a check mark next to many of your adoption to-do list items!

  1. Enjoy a morning spent sleeping in, and then sit down with your spouse for a leisurely cup of coffee. As you sip coffee and eat your breakfast, go over the forms that your adoption professional needs. If you’re not sure which forms they still need you to complete and sign, now is the day to check in with them and ask!

  2. So that you know as much as you can about domestic infant adoption, listen to one of Lifetime’s free adoption webinars! All of our webinars can be accessed from the website com on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. You could even listen to a webinar in your car on the way to a fun barbeque with family or friends. (If you’re a nurse, police officer, or another profession who doesn’t get the day off, you could listen during your morning commute!)

  3. Shoot a few videos clips around the house. Neaten up just a bit first, but you don’t have to do a deep clean. These clips will give birth mothers a tour of the main rooms of your home, and allow her to visualize where her child will grow up.

    Later in the day, if you’re at a Labor Day barbecue with family or friends, bring your camera (or smart phone). You can show some quick clips for your adoption video. You might tape your extended family, your husband manning the grill, or ask a friend to tape the two of you playing a game such as Frisbee or bags (aka “cornhole”).

  4. Grab a snack and sit down together to catch up on Lifetime’s Facebook Live videos! You can access these videos by visiting Lifetime’s Facebook page. In our Facebook Live videos, we cover a variety of topics, from what birth mothers are looking for in an adoptive family, to how open adoption works, and more!

  5. While you’re at your computer, take a closer look at Lifetime’s blog for hopeful adoptive parents. In this blog, we share adoption success stories, inform you of upcoming adoption webinars & webinar replays, give you valuable tips on infant adoption, answer commonly asked adoption questions, let you know about what to do before you adopt, and much more!

From all of us at Lifetime Adoption, we hope that you have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!

Our toll-free hotline will remain open 24/7 for birth mothers and for adoptive families in an active adoption match: 1-800-923-6784.

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