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5 Reasons You Should Start Your Adoption Before the New Year

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on December 21, 2018

start-adoption-1When you've decided that adoption is the way you'll grow your family, sometimes it's hard to know when to start the adoption process. Many hopeful adoptive parents wonder if there’s a perfect time to begin their adoption journey. There’s no better time than right now to begin the path towards adopting the baby you’ve been praying for!

Here are the top 5 reasons why it's beneficial to start your adoption journey before the New Year:

1. Availability in Lifetime's Program

At Christmas dinners and celebrations, many couples get asked questions from their relatives such as "when are you two going to start a family?" As a result, many of these couples apply for a spot in Lifetime Adoption's program after the holidays. Adoption agencies always see a dramatic increase in applications during the start of each New Year.

Right now, there are spaces available in our program for new families, which may not be available in January. Secure your spot in our successful nationwide domestic adoption program by applying to adopt today! 

2. Give Yourself a Head Start

Start the New Year having already taken steps toward your dream! Place yourself in a position of confidence and certainty, as you ready yourself and your home to welcome your prayed-for child. By signing your adoption agreement before the end of the year, you'll have a head start on adopting in 2019!

3. Advantage Over Other Adoptive Couples

By beginning the adoption process now, you’ll be ready-and-waiting when other families are just trying to get started. You'll have already taken steps to start your adoption profile and will benefit from increased exposure to birth mothers, before other adoptive couples.

4. Spread the Word About Your Adoption

newborn-outsideUse holiday get-togethers to ask people to start spreading the word about (and praying for!) your adoption. You never know who may already know someone who is facing an unplanned pregnancy and thinking adoption!

5. Use the Adoption Tax Credit

A portion of your adoption fees may be a qualifying tax benefit as you file for 2018, if you begin the process before the New Year. The federal adoption tax credit is currently over $13,500 for qualified expenses to adopt a qualifying baby or child.

Make 2019 the Year You Adopt!

Do you have any questions that are standing in the way of achieving your dreams of adopting a baby? Lifetime is here to help provide you with easy-to-use information as you as you start your adoption journey.

If you have a calling on your heart to add a child to your family through adoption, we don't want any questions to hold you back! Call Lifetime Adoption at 1-800-923-6784 for helpful, practical answers to all of your questions about adopting.

Take first step in your adoption journey today, and complete 
Lifetime's free application to adopt!

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