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3 Must-See Adoption Webinars to Watch On-the-Go

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on April 27, 2018

on-the-go-webinarWhen you start to look into adopting a baby, it can feel overwhelming to know where to start. Should you begin by calling adoption agencies, or by reading adoption books? Maybe watching videos of adoption stories is more your style. How is your adoption research and planning going so far?

In case you're feeling a little overwhelmed, or even if you're just soaking up info like a sponge, Lifetime is sharing 3 must-see adoption webinars for anyone hoping to adopt! The best part is that you can watch these webinars on-the-go, from wherever you are. This allows you to fit your adoption research into your already-busy schedule. 

Lifetime hosts adoption webinars several times a month, and they're open to the public. These webinars can be attended free of charge, from wherever you are. Listen in while you're hitting the elliptical at the gym, during your morning commute, or while you make dinner. Plus, our adoption experts answer questions from the audience during our live webinars. Visit to sign up for alerts on our upcoming LIVE webinar events, coming soon.

Here are 3 must-see adoption webinars you can watch on-the-go:

What is Modern Adoption?
on-the-go-webinar-2Discover how adoption has changed (for the better!) and why adoption stories today look so much different than generations past.

How to Talk with Your {future!} Child About Adoption
In this webinar, two experienced adoptive moms share their tips and observations from their experience raising children through adoption. While each family's adoptions were different, they each share a similar heart for helping their child embrace their unique adoption story.

Meant To Be: Silas & Dawn's Adoption Story
Most hopeful adoptive parents wonder what their future child will be like and how he or she will fit into their family. Yet, once adoption takes place, all adoptive parents will say it just seems "meant to be." Listen to this Lifetime family's story for validation and encouragement, from parents who were once where you are today.

Do you have adoption questions that can't wait until our next webinar? Call Lifetime today at 1-800-923-6784 to speak with one of our adoption experts.

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