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"Can I get help with bills if I’m putting my baby up for adoption?"

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on March 23, 2018

Question: "I'm 24 weeks along and I've missed a lot of work because of morning sickness. I'm about to get kicked out of my apartment since I haven't been able to afford my rent! I know that I'm going to have to adopt out my baby...if I can't even afford to pay rent, how can I afford to be a parent?!

Can I get help with bills if I'm putting my baby up for adoption?"

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Uber Health Wants to Help You Get to Your Prenatal Appointments

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on March 16, 2018

Uber is no longer just a safe way to get home after a raging party. The popular ride-sharing company is going to start a program called "Uber Health," which will give people free rides to their health care providers.

This news means that pregnant women who don't have reliable transportation will no longer have to worry about how they'll get to the doctor's office.

According to CNN, Uber is partnering with health care providers, who will schedule rides for their patients. The best part is that the health care providers will be paying for the cost of the rides!
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Help! I Can't Afford to Be Pregnant!

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on September 16, 2016

Question: "I'm thinking about adoption for my baby. I just can't afford to be pregnant, buy maternity clothes, and pay a doctor! How much does it cost to adopt out my baby?"

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