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What Will the Couple Tell My Child About Me?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on May 12, 2018

"I'm due soon, and I just found out that I'm having a boy. How will the adoptive couple tell my child about me when he's older? How will they tell him that he's adopted?

I love my son so much already, and I don't want him to grow up thinking that I'm an evil person who just gave him up."

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This Birth Mom’s Viral Video for Her Son Will Touch Your Heart

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on January 15, 2018

Hannah was 18 when she discovered she was pregnant. And after the death of her boyfriend, she decided to make an adoption plan for their baby boy. Just a few hours before the adoption became official, Hannah recorded a video for her son, letting him know that she will always love him. 

In her emotional video, which is featured on People Magazine’s website and The Today Show’s site, she says "I thought I would make this video for you instead of writing a letter because it's real and it’s in the moment."

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The Importance of Writing a Love Letter to Your Child

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on May 14, 2016

Although the lifelong gifts you choose to give to your child through adoption may be many, one beautiful and cherished gift only you can provide is a love letter, sharing your feelings of love and hope. But how do you write this letter?

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