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"I know now that adopting out my baby was the right thing to do"

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on February 15, 2019

Lifetime Adoption truly cares about every birth mother we help, and develop a relationship with many of them. Over the years, birth mothers have emailed us updates on how they're doing now. Many of these women want to share their stories with you, hoping that they can help someone who is struggling with the adoption decision.

Today, we're sharing Madison's adoption story. If you're thinking about adoption, you might find birth mother stories like Madison's helpful as you make your decision because they come from women like you.

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The Top 6 YouTube Channels About Adoption

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on October 24, 2017

If you've been thinking about adoption, you probably have a wide range of emotions. And, you probably have lots of questions too, about how open adoption works and what your choices are. Lifetime is always just a call or text away to answer your questions. You can reach Lifetime 24/7, by calling or texting us at 1-800-923-6784.

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What Adoption Was Like for Me - Birth Mothers Share Their Stories

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on April 22, 2016

Have you been wondering "what's open adoption like?" and "I'm not sure I could adopt out my baby, how do women do that?" When you're thinking about adoption for your baby, it helps to see adoption from the perspective of a woman who has chosen adoption. One of the best ways to learn about open adoption is to learn from women who have created an adoption plan for a child. 

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Writing Your Own Adoption Stories

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on December 12, 2014

There are a lot of adoption stories out there that you may hear in the months leading up to (and in the years after) adoption. Some will be negative, some will be positive, but only one truly matters: Yours.

People love to tell their story, and people love to give advice. Rest assured that once you let others know you have made the loving decision that adoption is right for you and your baby, stories and advice will come flooding in. Some will be good, and some will be bad. Some will make you cry tears of joy, and others will upset you. The important thing to keep in mind when hearing any of these adoption stories—good or bad—is that your story is the only one you should be concerned with. It’s good to hear from others, of course. That’s one way to learn about adoption and make well-informed choices. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking your adoption story will be exactly like someone else’s.

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The Benefit of Knowing: Open Adoption Stories

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 1, 2014

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Inspiring Adoption Quotes

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on August 22, 2014

Making an adoption plan for your baby (or child) is something that takes strength, courage, and love. That’s why these adoption quotes are so important; the people who said them have been where you are now. They’ve experienced an unexpected pregnancy and created an open adoption plan. They too experienced the different feelings you may be facing right now. So their inspiring adoption quotes might help you find assurance in the decision you’re making.

We hope that their words make you feel less alone, reassure you, and give you peace.

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Recognizing Our Armed Forces on the 4th of July

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on July 4, 2014

Lifetime Adoption would like to thank our armed forces this 4th of July, for your service to our country! We would also like to share one of our sister adoption websites with you, where adoptive family profiles of active-duty military couples are listed: . You can learn more about the adoptive families for children by clicking on the link below:

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The Perfect Adoptive Family for My Child

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on June 21, 2014

Here's a sweet email we received from one of Lifetime's birth mothers this past week:

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Birth Mother Tammy’s Adoption Story

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on May 30, 2014

Wondering what it’s like to place your baby for adoption? And how might you feel afterwards? Recently, birth mother Tammy shared about her adoption experience and how it affects her life today. Learn what she looked for in an adoptive couple, and how she found peace through open adoption.

Tammy made an adoption plan for her son 18 years ago. Today, Tammy is a birth mother peer counselor and promotes adoption. Her insights and 18 years of experience through her own story show what open adoption can be like:

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Lifetime Has Peer Counseling Available

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 8, 2013

When you are thinking about making an adoption plan for your baby or child, it can help to speak with someone else who has chosen adoption. At Lifetime Adoption, we offer peer support for women considering adoption as a birth mother. It can really help to talk with someone who’s been through what you’re going through!


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