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How Do I Explain My Baby's Adoption To My Other Children?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on May 22, 2018

"I'm 23 and seven months pregnant with my third child. Making ends meet is so hard with two kids, and I feel like it will be next to impossible with three! So I'm probably going to do adoption...

I'm worried about how I will tell my other children that I'm adopting out this baby. How can I tell my kids about my decision?"

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What Do I Get to Decide About the Adoption?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on May 4, 2018

If you've just gotten a positive pregnancy test, it's common to feel out of control and unsure of what to do next. When you start to explore the pregnancy choice of adoption, you'll begin to realize how much control you have over the process.

Making a modern adoption plan with Lifetime gives you tons of choices! You're able to decide what type of adoption plan is best for you and your baby. This includes selecting your baby's adoptive parents, how much you'll stay in touch in the future, and more!

Today, Lifetime is sharing 4 questions to ask yourself as you create your custom adoption plan:

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Is Adoption Really Free for Pregnant Women?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on April 17, 2018

Some of the women we talk to are turning to adoption because they already have kids and just can't afford to feed another mouth. Others are choosing adoption because becoming a mom is out of the question, and they don't believe in abortion.

No matter your situation, deciding if adoption's right for you is an emotional process. And you might be wondering "how much does it cost to adopt out my baby?"

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What to Expect When You Make an Adoption Plan (Part 2)

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on March 13, 2018

Today's blog post is a follow-up to last week's popular one, all about what you can expect when you make an adoption plan

Your baby’s birth will launch the final part of your adoption plan. It’s totally normal if during this time you feel tons of different emotions, such as sadness, anger, and confusion. Lifetime is definitely here to listen, and we encourage you to take advantage of the no-cost counseling available to you. Both while making an adoption plan AND after your adoption plan goes through, you get one-on-one counseling from a licensed therapist, and talk with other birth mothers who have been where you are now.

In today's post, we're sharing details about what happens in the last part of your adoption plan. So, here's what will go down:

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How to Survive Work During Your Third Trimester

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 3, 2017

This post originally appeared on our blog a couple of years ago as "Working During Your Third Trimester? 6 Tips on How to Survive," and we've refreshed it for 2017.

During the last trimester of your pregnancy, you probably get tired so easily that it feels like a big accomplishment to do anything (like tying your shoes!) Even though it seems like every day brings a new and obnoxious side effect, you still have to arrive at your job on time and put in work.

Here are 6 quick tips on how to survive work when you're very pregnant:

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"I Don't Think You'll Be Able to Adopt Out Your Baby!"

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on September 19, 2017

There’s just something about seeing a pregnant belly that makes people dish out their opinions and advice. All of a sudden, people want to tell you their pregnancy story and their friends’ pregnancy stories. And then they ask questions like "Is it a boy or a girl?" "When are you due?" and "Do you have names chosen?"

Whether or not you choose to share about your adoption plans is completely up to you. "I wanted to be honest with some people, so I told them about my adoption plans. It felt like a lie to pretend that I was bringing this baby home. People's responses ranged from surprise to disappointment," says a birth mother who made an adoption plan with Lifetime. "My aunt even said, 'I know you, I don't think you'll be able to adopt out your baby!'" How do you respond to a comment like that?

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5 Reasons to Consider Making an Adoption Plan

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on August 11, 2017

Seeing that positive pregnancy test can be exciting...unless it isn’t. Maybe you feel like you’re too young to be a mom, are in the middle of college, or already have kids and just can’t handle another mouth to feed. Whatever is stressing you out about pregnancy and raising a child, there are really good reasons to think about adoption, and creating an adoption plan.

If you’ve never heard the term “adoption plan,” it means the process of placing a baby up for adoption. It isn’t “giving my baby away.” It’s a well thought-out plan for making sure you and baby both have the best chance at life.

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What It's Really Like to Make an Adoption Plan for Your Baby

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on July 25, 2017

Why do women choose adoption for their baby? There are so many reasons why, and not one of them are easy. In today's post, we hear the stories of two women about what it was like for them to choose adoption, and create an adoption plan for their baby:

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"What Does It Cost to Place My Baby Up for Adoption?"

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on May 23, 2017

Question: "So, I'm 22 and just found out I'm pregnant. My boyfriend up and left once he found out. I'm pretty sure what I need to do is adopt out my baby. Money is really tight right now, so I know I wouldn't be able to afford a baby. Can you tell me what it costs to place my baby up for adoption?"

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"I Just Kinda Knew That This Was the Family I Wanted for My Child..."

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on May 16, 2017

If you're thinking about adoption for your baby, it really helps to hear from other women who've "been there, done that." Bailey, a birth mother from Minnesota, shares about how she came to choose adoption in this video. Here's Bailey's story about making an adoption plan & finding an adoptive couple for her daughter:

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