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Why Wasn’t That Our Baby?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on Sep 30, 2016 10:21:19 AM

Question: I noticed that on Lifetime Adoption Center’s Facebook page, you posted about multiple drop in the lap adoption situations that happened over the weekend. Why weren’t we contacted about these?

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Adoption Q&A: Talking to a Birth Mother

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on Sep 27, 2016 11:46:45 AM

Question: We just scheduled a phone call with a birth mother who’s interested in matching with us. We’re excited, yet a little nervous. How do we handle this first conversation?

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"Are Birth Mothers Required to Get Prenatal Care?"

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on Aug 22, 2016 11:12:34 AM

Here’s a great question we were recently asked by a couple thinking about adoption: “Does Lifetime require that birth mothers get prenatal care before they can choose a family, or to start a match with adoptive parents?"

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