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When Relatives Aren't Excited About Your Plans to Adopt

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on December 15, 2017

When you announce that you're adopting, you might be expecting family members to be excited for you. But some adoptive parents are shocked by indifferent reactions to their adoption news. Today, Lifetime is sharing a few tips to cope with this situation!

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How to Learn About Christian Adoption on Audible

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on December 13, 2017

If you're thinking of adoption to build your family, you might be overwhelmed as you wonder where to start. We believe that education is key for anyone seeking to adopt!

A great place to begin learning about Christian adoption is by reading Called to Adoption: A Christian's Guide to Answering the Call.

Keep reading to learn how you can listen to this adoption book for FREE on Audible!

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What You Need to Know About Modern Adoption

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on December 11, 2017

Are you starting to learn more about adoption? Maybe you're actively pursuing adoption but aren't sure how to answer comments or questions about what adoption is like today.

Wherever you are at in the adoption process, it helps to have clarity about the options involved for each side of a modern adoption in the US.

We recently hosted an information-packed webinar, all about the choices modern adoption offers women and families considering adoption. Anyone thinking about adoption should be aware of what adoption today looks like for adoptive families and birth parents. Discover how you can watch this webinar on modern adoption by reading on!

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Holiday Flash Sale on Adoption Bracelets!

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on December 6, 2017

For three days only, you can get a FREE bangle bracelet with your purchase of any Adoption Prayer Bracelet! This flash sale is perfect for the gift-giving season. But hurry: this sale is running through Thursday, December 7th, only! 

Adoption Prayer Bracelets are treasured by anyone who’s been touched by adoption. As one adoptive mom puts it, "I 've had my eye on the European-style charm bracelets for awhile. I'm going to buy it today during the flash sale, and send the bangle bracelet to my son's birth mom as a Christmas gift. It's going to be a beautiful reminder for me to pray for her, for couples in the wait, and others touched by adoption!"  Your purchase supports the Lifetime Adoption Foundation. The Foundation helps women who are thinking about adoption, by providing needed essentials. The Lifetime Adoption Foundation also awards birth mother scholarships. 

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"We're So Blessed to be a Family of 3 for the Holidays!"

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on December 5, 2017

Lifetime's staff loves getting emails from our adoptive families on how life is going after adoption. They email us adorable photos, updates, and thank you notes for our adoption work.

So, we were thrilled to get this sweet email from adoptive parents Crue and Michelle, who recently finalized their daughter's adoption in court: 

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In the Adoption Wait? Get Our Holiday Survival Tips

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on December 4, 2017

Family gatherings and Christmas traditions make this a fun, exciting time of year for most people. But for couples waiting for adoption, the holiday season might become a time of added pressure and disappointment. Loved ones mean well but ask questions or make remarks that feel hurtful or seem insensitive.

A common question from hopeful parents waiting for a child is: "How do we get through the holidays?" Keep reading to get Lifetime’s advice for adoptive parents waiting to adopt this holiday season!

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The Top 7 Adoption Myths (and the Facts)

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on December 1, 2017

If you're thinking of adopting to start (or build!) your family, you might be intimidated after seeing adoption horror stories in the media. The truth is, much of the adoption stories you see portrayed in the media are sensationalized, to gain viewers.

Today, Lifetime is shedding light on seven of the most common adoption myths. Read on as we help you separate fact from fiction!

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It's Giving Tuesday! Discover How You Can Support Adoption

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 28, 2017

Did you know that today is "Giving Tuesday"? According to, this nationwide movement is in its sixth year, and is celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and the popular shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Giving Tuesday kicks off the charitable season when people start to think about their holiday and end-of-year giving. Recognized by the hashtag #GivingTuesday, this has evolved into a movement that celebrates and supports giving.

Keep reading to discover how you can support and give back to adoption this Giving Tuesday!

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Cyber Monday Sale on Adoption Jewelry!

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 27, 2017

Today is Cyber Monday! This shopping holiday happens every year on the Monday following Thanksgiving. Are you doing some online shopping to take advantage of the serious price savings available out there?

Right now, there’s a Cyber Monday sale on adoption jewelry over at You can get $5 off ANY bracelet style by using the coupon code HIFIVE! 

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Will I Love My Adopted Child As Strongly as a Biological Child?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on November 24, 2017

Sometimes hopeful parents wonder if raising a child through adoption would be "the same" as raising a child they gave birth to. Every adoptive parent will tell you, "There's no difference. That child is your baby!" The adoption truth is this: adoption builds families. 

Maybe you've wondered whether or not you'd love an adopted child as much as you would a biological one. You might be struggling with whether or not the love you’ll feel for your adopted child will be as strong as the love you have for your biological children. Asking yourself this question is natural, and totally necessary, even if it seems shameful.  We're going to delve into this issue today, to reveal the adoption truth. And that's that you'll truly love your adopted child and develop a genuine connection with them.

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