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Lifetime Made Our Family Possible

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on Oct 8, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Our staff of Adoption Coordinators at Lifetime Adoption regularly get emails from Lifetime adoptive couples on how life is going after adoption. These couples email us updates, photos, and words of gratitude for the work we did to help them adopt. So, we were thrilled to get this email from adoptive mother Amy:

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Open Adoption Visits: Top 10 Places to Meet Up

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on Oct 6, 2015 9:32:00 AM

Most birth mothers today want an open adoption. Open adoption can mean anything from posting photos of your child on Facebook, to meeting in person.

Deciding on the appropriate place to meet up in-person can sometimes be tricky. Today, we’re going to share a few tips and ideas for open adoption visit locations.

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Transracial Adoption Webinar | Interracial Adoption Stories

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on Oct 5, 2015 9:10:58 AM

Lifetime Adoption recently hosted a Q&A webinar all about transracial adoption. Joining us as webinar guests were three adoptive mothers who have adopted a baby through interracial adoption. If you've been thinking about adopting a child of a race different than your own, or if you've wondered how to talk about adoption with your future child, this panel of adoptive moms will be a helpful resource.  The tips and experience of the adoptive parents in this special webinar will touch the hearts of anyone hoping to adopt transracially, or who've recently welcomed home a child through adoption.

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Explaining Adoption to Your Children

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on Oct 1, 2015 1:04:00 PM

Question: How do I explain adoption to my biological children? We want to add to our family through adoption and be able to explain to our children the reason and what positive aspects adoption has. Can you help?

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A Baby Shower if We’re Adopting?

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on Sep 29, 2015 2:21:00 PM

Some adopting families wonder “should we have a baby shower for the baby we’re adopting?” “Is it appropriate?” After all, everyone in your lives will want to celebrate your life-changing event! Here are some things to consider as you arrange your little miracle’s baby shower…

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What it Means to be Ready to Adopt

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on Sep 28, 2015 1:34:00 PM

Today, women considering adoption may initiate the adoption process for a child at any time before, during, or after birth. This means adoptive parents need to remain available and ready at any moment. While it’s never too late for a birth mother to start an adoption, there are times when it’s too late for adoptive parents to accept an opportunity to adopt a child.

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Transracial Adoption: Upcoming Webinar

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on Sep 24, 2015 5:00:00 AM

Are you considering the adoption of a child of a race different than your own? Whether or not you adopt a child who shares race in common with you, you may also wonder about the day your child says "why don't I look like you?"

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How Can We Afford to Adopt?

Posted by Mardie Caldwell on Sep 22, 2015 12:06:00 PM

Many families experience sticker shock after looking into adoption and stop right there. Yet many people make monthly payments for a car or even a home remodel. Your car may only last ten years, but your family is for a lifetime!

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Birth Mothers Seeking Families | Adoption Situations

Posted by Lifetime Adoption on Sep 21, 2015 11:27:00 AM

If you’re thinking about adopting a baby to start or grow your family, chances are you're curious about what types of adoption situations are out there. It helps to read about the different adoption situations and babies available for adoption that an adoption company has.

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What to Do During Your Adoption Wait

Posted by Mardie Caldwell on Sep 17, 2015 8:28:00 AM

Rarely in life do happiness and fear mix as dramatically as during the time when adoptive parents are waiting for the birth of their child or for the adoption to become irrevocable. Here are some suggestions that prospective adoptive parents have found helpful, emotionally and practically. Choose and check the ones that work for you.

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